Day Date Streets Visited (not in route order) Map
Friday 30th Old High Street Light Switch On
Saturday 1st Stoneleigh Rd, Finham Rd, Lulworth Park, Whitehead Dr, Mill End, Dalehouse Ln, Garlick Dr, Best Avenue, Broomybank, Watling Road, Redfern Ave, Glendale Ave, Woodmill Meadow, Forge Road, Northvale Close, Winn Close, Butler Road D
Sunday 2nd Warwick Road Light Switch On
Monday 3rd St Nicholas Ave, Roseland Rd, St Johns St, Guy Rd, Leycester Rd, Mortimer Rd, Dudley Rd, Beauchamp Rd, Walkers Way, Dryden Close, Moorlands Ave, Latimer Close J
Tuesday 4th Fishponds Rd, John O’Gaunt Rd, Ceasar Rd, Willoughby Ave, Archer Rd, Lunn Ave, Scott Rd, Oaks Rd, Avon Rd, Percy Rd, Rounds Hill, Beechwood Croft C
Wednesday 5th Knowle Hill, Frythe Close, Common Lane, Highland Road, Inchbrook Road, Woodland Road, Coventry (from Common Lane down Crackley Hill) Laneham Place, Redthorn Grove, Arbourfield, Leagh Close O
Thursday 6th Beehive Hill, Clinton Ln, Castle Hill, De Montfort Rd, Priorsfield Rd, Woodcote Ave, Cobbs Road, Grange Ave, Quarry Road, Elizabeth Way, K
Friday 7th Leamington Rd, Warwick Road, Rouncil Ln, Sovereign Cl, Towers Cl, Bullimore Gr, Suncliff Drive,  Lindsey Cres, Sunshine Close, Newey Dr, Swift Close, Gardener Way G
Saturday 8th Farmer Ward Rd, Thonby Ave, Arden Rd, Windy Arbour (south of Thornby) Ferndale, Birches Lane, Jordan Close, Thickthorn Close, The Gardens, Ebourne Close, The Conifers, Lime Grove, Ash Drive, Laburnham Ave, Hermitage Way, Moseley Road, Blackthorn Road F
Sunday 9th Elmdene Road, Ashfield Road, Brook Road, Eden Croft, Sunningdale Ave, Tulip Tree Ave, Tintagel Grove,Dunvegan Close, Inveraray Close, Casita Grove, Seeking Drive, Newfield Av, Barford Road, Kineton Road, Arbour Close, Windy Arbor (north Thornby to Leyes) H
Monday 10th Henry St, Arthur St, Spring Lane, Pipers Lane, Cherry Orchard, Whitemoor Rd, Park Hill, Wincott Close, Holmewood Court, Webster Ave, Albion Street, Hyde Road, Upper Rosemary Hill P
Tuesday 11th Whateleys Dr, Priory Rd, Station Rd, Bertie Rd, Waverley Rd, Reeve Drive, Offa Drive, Clarendon Rd, Southbank Rd, Harger Court, Drew Cres, Glebe Cres, N
Wednesday 12th Lower Ladyes Hill, Windmill Close, Hawkesworth Drive, Tainters Hill, Southfield Drive, Convent Close, Littleton Close, Fennyland Lane, Moss Grove, Coventry Road (upto Common lane) L
Thursday 13th Queens Road, Faircroft, Regency, Queens Close, Barrow Road, Barrowfield Rd, Randall Road, Mercia Av, Greville Road, Forrest Road, Castle Road(to brays), Borrowell Lane, Brookside Ave, Highfield Close, Siddeley Ave, Talisman Close B
Friday 14th Fieldgate Ln, Amherst Rd, Pears Cl, New Street, Malthouse Ln, Berkeley Rd, High St, Manor Road, Gloster Drive, School Lane, Lawrence Gardens, Elmbank Road, A
Saturday 15th Canterbury Close, Edwards Grove, Stansfield Grove, Heyville Croft, Mountbatten Ave, Glasshouse Lane, Mayfield Dr, Dencer Dr, Cashmore Rd, Turton Way, Cornhill Grove, Leyes Lane (part), Tappinger, Arlidge, Courthouse Croft, Riley Close, Wordsworth Drive, Jackson Grove, M
Sunday 16th Villiers Rd, Bodnant Way,  Westonbirt, Sturley, Allett Grove, Wilson Grove, Chatsworth Grove, Pencraig, Thurlestane Close, Hidcote Road, Denewood Way, Saville Gr, Trentham Gardens, Chatsworth Grove, Harlech Close, Ilam Park, Raglan Grove, The Wardens, Tisdale Rise, Rawnsley Dr, Leyes Lane, Jacox Cr, Keeling Rd, Beech Drive, Parkfield Drive, Park Close, Field Close, Nason Grove E
Monday 17th Spare Night
Kenilworth Round Table endeavour to complete all roads on the routes advised, however sometimes circumstances such as bad weather prevent us completing a route. Therefore we do not advise promising children the arrival of Santa on a specific night. Please also note listed roads are not in route order and we cannot cover all side roads. You can follow our progress using the Santa Tracker but please note that there are occasions when the technology does not work.
We commence Weekdays routes at approx 6.30pm
We commence Weekend routes at approx 5.30pm
We aim to complete all routes by 8.30pm


Fieldgate Lane
Amherst Road
Pears Close
Malthouse Lane
Berkeley Road
High Street
Manor Road
Gloucester Drive
School Lane
Lawrence Gardens

Queens Road
Regency Drive
Queens Close
Barrow Road
Barrowfield Road
Randall Road
Mercia Ave
Greville Road
Forrest Road
Castle Road
Borrorwell Lane
Brookside Ave

John O’Gaunt Road
Caesar Road
Archer Road
Oaks Road
Fishponds Ave
Willoughby Road
Lunn Ave
Percy Road
Rounds Hill

Stoneleigh Road
Finham Road
Lulworth Park
Whitehead Drive
Mill End
Dalehouse Lane
Garlick Drive
Best Ave
Watling Road
Redfern Ave
Glendale Ave
Woodmill Meadow
Forge Road

Villiers Road
Bodnant Way
Saville Grove
Ilam Park
The Wardens
Tisdale Rise
Rawnsley Drive
Jacox Crescent
Keeling Road
Parkfield Drive
Nason Grange

Farmer Ward Road
Thornby Wve
Arden Road
Hermitage Way
Moseley Road
Windy Arbour (Birches to Thornby part)
Ferndale Road
Birches Lane
Jordan Close
Thickthorn Close
Eboure Close
The Conifers

Leamington Road
Bullimore Grange
Warwick Road
Newey Drive
Swift Close
towers Close
Gypsy Lane
Gardener Way
Rouncil Lane
Sovereign Close

Windy Arbour (Thornby to Lindisfarne part)
Newfield Ave
Elmdene Road
Blackthorn Road
Eden Court
Tulip Tree Ave
Sunningdale Ave
Brooke Road

St Nicholas Ave
Chestnut Ave
Beauchamp Road
Dudley Road
Latimer Close
Mortimer Road
Roseland Road
St Johns Road
Guy Road
Leycester Road
Whites Row
Moorlands Ave

Beehive Hill
Clinton Lane
Castle Hill
De Montford Road
Priorsfield Road
Woodcote Ave

Lower Laydes Hill
windmill Close
Alpine Court
Hawksworth Drive
Tainters Hill
Upper Laydes Hill
Coventry Road
Southfield Drive
Convent Lande
Littleton Close
Fennyland Lane

Dencer Drive
Leyes Lane (between Dencer Drive and Glasshouse Lane only)
Cashmore Road
Heyville Croft
Mountbatten Ave
Glasshouse Lane
Mayfield Drive
Wordsworth Drive
Turton Road

Whateleys Drive
Priory Road
Station Road
Bertie Road
Waverley Road
Reeve Drive
Offa Drive
Clarendon Road
Southbank Road

Woodland Road
Common Lane
Highlands Road
Inchbrook Road
Knowle Hill
Frythe Close
Fairway Rise

Henry Street
Arthur Street
Albion Street
Hyde Road
Upper Rosemary Hill
Spring Lane
Pipers Lane
Cherry Orchard
Whitemoor Road
Park Hill
Ashdene Gardens