Santa’s Float

Aiming to visit virtually every road in Kenilworth and Leek Wootton

Santa’s sleigh aims to visit virtually every road in Kenilworth and Leek Wootton over a three week period in December. We’re also at the two lighting up ceremonies – in the ‘Old Town’ and in ‘Talisman Square’.

First and foremost, it’s simply a bit of fun and designed to bring some early Christmas cheer. And it’s not only popular with the kids either – there are some rather “big kids” out there who seem to enjoy it just as much!

This year’s schedule

Day Date Route Route


And what’s more, we are also able to raise money for charity. All of this goes to very worthwhile causes – the main beneficiary being the Senior Citizens’ Party in Kenilworth.

The generosity of Kenilworth people is certainly put to good use – we are always able to entertain a full house for each of the two party nights.


We commence our week day routes at approximately 6.30pm and aim to finish by 8.30pm, weekends we commence at 5.30pm and aim to complete by 8.30pm.

Please bear with us as we can only travel the route in one direction and unlike the real Santa we can’t visit all the roads at the same time 😊.

If we are unable to complete a route by the time we have to finish by we try to cover any missed roads on a final night.

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